Catherine L. Knowles

An Unlikely author

Growing up in Huntsville, Alabama, I've always been labeled an independent wild-child with a good streak of rebel-without-a-cause attitude however, I've also been a storyteller. Ever since I can remember, I was always sharing stories with my friends. One of my many passions is telling good stories to whoever will listen as I also enjoy listening to others who share their stories as well. I truly enjoy the English language for communicating a good colorful story that is rich with positive energy and humor that makes me laugh.

Sharing my decision to write a book with a fitness class as I remember it, they all had a big laugh and then 2 years later with much persistence I walked in the class and shared my book with them. It was one of the best days of my life - sharing a dream come true.     

Dreams Demand Hustle

I have a motto, "Dreams Demand Hustle" because much to my surprise, I thought if I wrote a well-crafted compelling story and put it into a book the Publishers of the world would jump at the opportunity to publish my novel. In reality it was the sound of crickets chirping as I learned quickly that if it was to be - it would be up to me.

So right away I started growing my network and met MUA Nancy Finnegan who introduced me to my now PR Agent, Rich Ortiz, ONEUNITY Media who helped me with Social Media Marketing and Networking. What I've learned is that being an Author means you better "Hustle" if you want to grow your fan base. It's not enough to write a book but you've got to put the work into your passion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my story and I hope it moves or inspires you in some way.  

- God Bless, Catherine L. Knowles


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